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2/20/2018 - Josh Gerben provides insight into the 'PHILLY SPECIAL' trademark filings made after Super Bowl LII.
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FOX News
2/15/2015 - Josh Gerben spoke with Fox News about Monster Energy's trademark enforcement efforts.
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  • Office Action Responses
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  • Trademark Monitoring
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Meet Josh Gerben, founder of Gerben Law Firm.

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Trademark Registration
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Three Steps We've Used to Register 4,500 Trademarks
Step 1: Comprehensive Trademark Search

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Step 2: Trademark Attorney Consultation

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Step 3: Trademark Application Filed

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We Are Trademark Attorneys Committed to Doing Trademark Registration the Right Way

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There are too many on-line trademark services that offer searches without the proper review from a team of trademark attorneys. We ensure that our firm’s experienced attorneys will review the search results and provide an opinion regarding the likelihood of success of the trademark application.

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